If you’re a resident of Los Angeles, California, and looking to have a new TV installed, you’ve come to the right place. Below, you can find the top 5 TV installation service companies in Los Angeles. These companies have been carefully selected based on their expertise, customer reviews, and commitment to delivering exceptional service. Whether you need assistance with wall mounting, cable management, or setting up a home theater system, these companies have the skills and knowledge to provide professional installation services.

Top Local TV Mounting Companies in Los Angeles, CA


TV Installation One - Same Day TV Mounting

Services: Flat TV Mounting, Hide TV Wires, Soundbar Installation, TV Dismounting, and TV Shelf Mounting
Fedor was very communicative when scheduling, arrived on time and even wore booties to keep our floor clean! - From yelp.com
Mon - Sun: 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
1718 Stoner Ave, West Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 773-4010
Top local company

LA Tech Guys

Services: Flat TV Mounting, Hide TV Wires, Soundbar Installation, TV Dismounting, and TV Shelf Mounting
I contacted Saro on a Saturday and he came within the hour to mount my TV, which took about another half hour. - From yelp.com
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Top local company

In Home Installation Services

Services: Flat TV Mounting, Hide TV Wires, Soundbar Installation, TV Dismounting, and TV Shelf Mounting
Ben was super knowledgeable and had great advice when it came to length, positioning, and everything! - From yelp.com
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David AV Installations

Services: Flat TV Mounting, Hide TV Wires, Soundbar Installation, TV Dismounting, and TV Shelf Mounting
David installed my brand new 65 - From yelp.com
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Installation King TV Mounting

Services: Flat TV Mounting, Hide TV Wires, Soundbar Installation, TV Dismounting, and TV Shelf Mounting
Gaston is an expert in how to think through a home entertainment design set-up so that it makes sense. - From yelp.com
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Los Angeles, CA
TV Installation Service


A perfect experience from start to finish. We needed a tv install the next day in LA. Dmitri was so helpful over the phone and scheduled the service with Bobby for the following morning with a two hour window. Bobby called en route to tell us the exact time he would arrive. Everything was so professional from beginning to end. And the apartment was left spotless, the furniture replaced and we even got a tutorial on how to navigate the tv technology roadmap! Please support this local business! They are top notch!
I contacted Saro in the morning for AV connectivity issues we were having with our smart TVs and by late afternoon, everything had been fixed and resolved. He sent one of his technicians out that same day who diagnosed and fixed the issues in about an hour. Saro and his team are super responsive, knowledgeable and reasonably priced. Highly recommend!

Just...WOW! From the call to the installation it was all just perfection. I'm so thankful to have come across this company on YELP. I've, legit, had a 60in TV sitting in my house for 6 months that I promised my parents - BUT every company I would call gave me a run around and would tell me they would call back. Now writing this I realized that the companies ghosted me but it was a blessing in disguise because this company is by far the shining star. Alec came to help me load the tv in my car to transport it to my parents and at my parents he took under an hr to install!!!!!!! My OCD wants to mention how clean he was!!! I mean 10000+ stars!

These guys care, are great, efficient, clean, responsive, and friendly!

Ben with In Home Installation was so pleasant and easy to work with. I definitely recommend him for picture and mirror hanging!

My home was in dire need of the finishing touches after a remodel. I didn't want unnecessary holes in my freshly painted walls so I did my research and found In Home Installation to hang art work and a mirror. So glad I did!

I am ready for family and friends this holiday season. Thank you, Ben!

Called to get an estimate. David came out the very next day to take a look, gave me his estimate, and performed the work. Took a couple of hours after we talked about my options. My TV was mounted along with my sound bar in no time and we love it.

I've got lots of tv's and we will be calling David again.

They were able to wall mount a TV and install a projector 2 days after my first inquiry. Technician Eli was excellent and knowledgeable and end result looks great. Would definitely use them again.

TV Mounting Los Angeles

In the sprawling, bustling city of Los Angeles, where entertainment is both business and pleasure, homeowners demand the best for their personal viewing experiences. The skyline of this cinematic city is dotted with homes boasting the latest in television technology. However, the true magic often lies in how these TVs are mounted and displayed. As the trend of sleek, minimalist, and modern interiors continues to rise, so does the need for expert TV mounting services. Enter the top local TV mounting companies of LA, ensuring that Angelenos get the best visual experience in their homes.

Flat TV Mounting

The centerpiece of any modern living space is a flawlessly mounted flat-screen TV. Gone are the days of bulky television sets. Today’s sophisticated flat screens demand an equally sophisticated mounting service. Expert technicians from top LA companies ensure that the TV is not only securely affixed to the wall but also at the optimal viewing angle. The precision involved in this process ensures that viewers get the best picture quality without any strain or discomfort.

Hide TV Wires

Nothing disrupts the elegance of a beautifully mounted TV like a jumble of unsightly wires hanging below it. Recognizing this, the premier TV mounting services in Los Angeles specialize in concealing TV wires. Whether through sleek wire moldings, strategic in-wall placements, or other innovative solutions, these professionals ensure that all distractions are eliminated, leaving only the pure, unobstructed view of the screen.

Soundbar Installation

A fantastic visual experience is only half of the cinematic equation; the other half lies in impeccable sound quality. Soundbars have become an essential accessory for modern TVs, providing rich and immersive audio to complement HD visuals. Expert mounting companies in LA not only ensure that your TV looks good but sounds great, too. They carefully mount soundbars below the TV or in a designated spot in the room to ensure optimal sound distribution.

TV Dismounting

Whether relocating, renovating, or simply upgrading to a newer model, there comes a time when the TV needs to come down. But dismounting a TV, especially one that’s been expertly installed, requires a delicate touch. Top TV mounting services in Los Angeles also specialize in safely and efficiently dismounting televisions. They ensure no damage to the wall or the device, making the transition smooth and hassle-free.

TV Shelf Mounting

For those who desire a more traditional or decorative approach to TV mounting or need additional storage solutions, TV shelf mounting is an excellent option. This involves installing specialized shelves designed to hold the weight and dimensions of modern TVs. These shelves can also provide space for other entertainment devices like gaming consoles, DVD players, or streaming devices. The best mounting companies in LA will incorporate aesthetic design and functionality, ensuring the setup complements the room’s décor while serving its intended purpose.