Home appliances are the quiet mainstays of modern life, operating behind the scenes to make our lives more convenient. But what happens when one of these faithful machines, like your LG dryer, malfunctions? Many homeowners have encountered the baffling situation of an “LG dryer won’t turn on” or “LG dryer not starting” despite the unit receiving power. If you’re facing this issue, fret not. This article delves into the five primary reasons behind this conundrum, offering insights into potential fixes.

“LG Dryer Won’t Turn On” – A Common Issue

Every machine has its quirks, and dryers are no exception. But when your dryer refuses to turn on, it’s not just a minor inconvenience; it can disrupt the flow of household chores. Identifying the cause is the first step towards a solution.

Reason 1: Electrical Issues

Circuit Breaker or Fuse Problems: Your home’s electrical system is designed with safeguards. Circuit breakers and fuses protect appliances from power surges or shorts. If your dryer isn’t turning on, the circuit breaker might have tripped or the fuse blown. Check your home’s electrical panel. If the breaker associated with the dryer has tripped, reset it. If the fuse has blown, it’ll need replacement.

Power Cord Damages: The power cord is the lifeline of your dryer. Over time, it can wear out or become damaged, especially if it’s frequently moved or tugged. Ensure it’s securely plugged into the outlet and inspect for any visible damage. If you suspect a faulty cord, replace it.

Reason 2: Faulty Door Switch

Function of the Door Switch: For safety reasons, dryers have a door switch that detects if the door is open or closed. If this switch malfunctions, the dryer will think the door is open and refuse to start.

Signs of a Faulty Door Switch: If you close the door and the dryer doesn’t start, or you don’t hear a click, it indicates that the door switch might be defective. To verify, you may need a multimeter to test the switch for continuity.

Reason 3: Defective Start Switch

Role of the Start Switch: The start switch is what you engage when you want your dryer to begin its cycle. If it’s faulty, the dryer will not respond.

Testing the Start Switch: Listen for a humming sound when you push the start switch. If you hear it, but the dryer doesn’t start, the motor might be defective (more on that next). The start switch might be the issue if there’s no humming sound. Again, a multimeter will come in handy for testing.

Reason 4: Motor Malfunctions

The Importance of the Dryer Motor: The motor is the heart of the dryer. It turns the drum and blower. If it’s defective, your dryer won’t start.

Indications of a Faulty Motor: Over time, motors can wear out. Signs of a potential problem include a humming sound (as mentioned earlier), overheating, or unusual noises. Motors can be complex, so it’s best to call a professional if you suspect an issue.

Reason 5: Thermal Fuse Breakdown

The Role of the Thermal Fuse: A thermal fuse is placed in the circuit to prevent fires and protect the dryer from overheating. It will blow if it detects excessive heat, and the dryer won’t start.

Symptoms and Checking the Thermal Fuse: The thermal fuse might have blown if every other component seems functional, but your dryer won’t turn on. Located on the exhaust duct, this fuse can be tested with a multimeter for continuity.

Troubleshooting Tips and Prevention

Basic Steps for Troubleshooting:

  1. Always start with basic troubleshooting before diving deep.
  2. Unplug the dryer and replug after a minute.
  3. Consult your user manual for any specific diagnostic modes.

Maintaining Your Dryer: Regular maintenance can avert many issues. Clean the lint filter after every cycle, ensure proper ventilation, and avoid overloading.


Understanding the “why” behind an “LG dryer won’t turn on” issue is half the battle. Whether it’s a tripped breaker, a faulty start switch, or a blown thermal fuse, diagnosing the problem is crucial. When in doubt, always consult a professional to ensure safety and efficiency.